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Chorley 6Optisavers Opticians are committed to trying to make you feel as comfortable as possible and all our opticians are professional, friendly and tentative to your needs.

Your eye test will begin with a member of staff asking a few questions about your vision, this may include family history, work, lifestyle and interests. This will give us a better understanding of your individual needs.

We will then check your sight and the health of your eyes. At each stage of the test we will explain what we are doing and why. Our aim is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable at all times.

Please allow up to 40 minutes for the eye test.

At the end of the eye test we will discuss the results found and if you need spectacles to correct your vision. We will also discuss if contact lenses may be suitable for yourself. If it is a new prescription we will show you the difference between your current vision and new improved vision. If we do detect any signs of a health or eye condition we may do further investigations and refer you to your G.P.

Complete the form below and state the preferred appointment date and any other information you would like to provide, and we will contact you to confirm an appointment at an Optisavers Opticians near you.

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