The real cost of poor drivers’ vision

Chorley 8

If there was ever any doubt over the scale of effort put in by numerous bodies  to ensure drivers’ vision was up to scratch that question has been answered.

The death  of Laurence Gunn  run over by a shortsighted driver knowingly not wearing spectacles, is truly shocking.

Not just because Mr Gunn was simply walking his dog, or that the conditions were fine but that the man who was found guilty of killing him walked free from court with a paltry community sentence.

There was no call for the driver, Mohammed Rashid, to be locked up by the bereaved family, it said nothing could bring their loved one back,  but it highlights the total inadequacy of the law to compel those who need them to wear glasses or contact lenses.

How can it be possible that a driver who has been prescribed glasses and whose eyesite is so poor can not be breaking the law by climbing behind the steering wheel of a car.

Ensuring drivers’ vision is one thing but total negligence must surely be more forcefully discouraged.